Monday, May 9, 2016

Reminder to Self and Maybe to Other Mothers

Yesterday was Mother's Day. If I'd forgotten somehow, then Facebook would have reminded me of this occasion for the last four or five days.

I have almost a thousand Facebook "friends". I'd say I've read at least 600 posts wishing their own mother a wonderful day. Some addressed a mother on earth, others mention a mom in Heaven. I noticed that some people who do not regularly post have switched their profile shot to a picture of their own mother or posted the rare comment.

Here's what I HAVE NOT seen....

"Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I hope when I'm your age, I too have six pack abs!"

"Mom! I am the person I am today because you always drove a BMW."

"My mother is the best Mom because she never had a double chin and wore perfectly starched shirts to school parties."

"My grandmother is the greatest because she looks like she could be my twin--no wrinkles!"

Now, for those of you that have beautiful, wonderful moms or grandmothers with six pack abs and look like your twin, I am not criticizing. I'm simply pointing out something that screamed to me in post after post after post.

The common denominator in all the posts was love. 

It's been another reminder that although we clearly value love, both giving and receiving, we as a culture often spend more time cultivating unobtainable, unrealistic goals as individuals. 

Mother's day is my reminder that I should seek healthy options so that I can live life fully. That said.......If I narrow down the mind chatter, I have to be honest and admit that so much of my valuable energy is wasted on the kind of stuff that doesn't get mentioned at memorials or days of being honored or in quiet moments of reflection.

But, if I love well, LOVE has implications both now and for eternity. Loving well is the hardest work we do; but, based on Facebook posts about moms and grandmothers love is what matters most.

PS....anyone out there want to throw in their motherhood card today or was it just me??? GAH. Love is hard.

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